Monday, 5 February 2018


I used to make ‘sushi’ a lot, long before the prevalence of Japanese restaurants and Sushi bars in my town. My son did not like the traditional packed sandwich but would have these for lunch. Many years ago I had the the good fortune to have taken a class with Hideo Dekura. I had purchased his book many years before that and it was my go to for Japanese cooking. Traditionally, the rice needs to be fanned as flavouring ingredients are chopped or stirred into the rice. These days, I rarely make sushi or more correctly Nori-maki using the traditional techniques. There are just too many places nearby that sell good quality at a very reasonable price.

This ‘recipe hack’ is something that I do make and mostly to use up the leftover rice that I cook to serve with other Japanese dishes such as this Ginger beef stir fry. They make a great light snack or lunch the next day.

Or Chicken Teriyaki. Soba Noodle Salad is also good with the chicken.

I use Sushi rice purchased from the supermarket and cook it  as directed on the packet. If the rice is still warm it is easy to add a little Sushi Vinegar to flavour the rice. If the rice is cold warm it in the microwave first.

Take a sheet of Nori seaweed, put it shiny side down on the bamboo sushi mat or onto a clean board if you do not have one. Spread a thin layer of the flavoured rice over the sheet of seaweed.

Spread mayonnaise or perhaps a little avocado dip. This is a combination of mayonnaise, Tahini and a little crushed garlic. Add your filling. For this I used some thick omelette but use whatever you like. 

Roll up firmly. Cut rolls with a sharp damp knife.

Sometimes I add some chopped salad ingredients.

The idea is to use up leftover ingredients.

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