Friday, 19 January 2018

The Class is Over

What a week. The class with Lorie was great fun and inspiring. It is always so interesting to hear from fibre artists and the journey that they have taken. Lorie was no exception, with a background in painting and drawing and a lot of traditional quilting experience. She very generously shared her journey. When I take a class like this I like to take the concepts of the tutor and incorporate them into my work.

Lorie likes to start by layering up a background. Often smaller pieces are joined to make a bigger background. We were also encouraged to work on a second or third piece.

I decided to work on a larger scale for one of my pieces. Long strips torn and stitched with running stitch to the base cloth.

The second piece began as two smaller pieces.

These pieces included techniques that were discussed in class.

The two pieces joined to make a book cover.

A detail of the book cover,

And another. 

Beginning to build up my design,

Adding another layer to the nude and stitching it down.

A detail of the stitching. Unfortunately, this piece is not yet complete.

Another piece started for the book of techniques.

Another fun activity. This is the wall of 10 x 10 and 15 x 15 artworks. Made by participants to sell. Always hotly contested, I managed to get a few. The proceeds of the sales go to fundraising for a charity, this year for building wells in India.

And an opportunity to dress up for dinner - fascinators are encouraged. I have quite a collection, made with op shop finds from the conveniently situated op shop over the road.

Away at Fibre Arts Summer School.
This time I am taking a class with Lorie McCown. This is a link to Lorie's website so that you can read about her.

This is one of her ‘dress’ series

A detail of the work

Detail of another in the series

Another work in progress

Detail from the work

Lorie explores ideas and these samples are often made into books

The classes are held at Ballarat Grammar. The grounds are a mixture of old and new buildings with lots of garden beds and lawns surrounding the boarding houses. The roses are spectacular.

The first thing I do after registration is find my room and make my bed. This year I am in a new boarding house, very spacious and with an ensuite, so am very lucky.  I always bring a few comforts from home; a quilt, hot water bottle and lamp.

I get up early each morning and walk down to Lake Wendouree

There is so much bird life on the lake, however, this magpie was keen to befriend me and not at camera shy.

The days are very full, our classes are busy as everyone wants to get the most from the class. There are presentations from the tutors after dinner, it is always interesting and inspiring to hear about their art / textile journey. There is some free time in the evening, often I spend it watching TV (crime is favourite) and doing my homework. These are a great break from daily life and for me the perfect holiday.

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  1. Thanks Kerrie
    Unable to attend many textile events at the moment.
    It is great to see and read about what you are doing.
    Cheers Jan