Sunday, 11 February 2018

Back to Printmaking - Cyanotype

For some time I have been taking printmaking classes. The facilitator, Gaye, is a very knowledgeable and skilled printmaker and always puts together an interesting and challenging range of classes. The focus for the first two sessions is Cyanotype. The first session involved using images copied onto acetate sheets to create the print. I decided to use some botanical images from my stash, one of drawings of a raven and a feather.

Callistemon or bottle brush.

Inverted image


Inverted image


Raven image with toning in peroxide solution

The original drawing. This was done with permanent marker onto tracing paper. I think it would work better on acetate sheet.

Feather, original print and then toned in peroxide solution.

The images on acetate sheet and then placed on the prepared paper.

Exposing the images to sunlight.

Rinsing the exposed papers

A chance to admire each other’s work with all the prints laid out around the room.

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