Monday, 14 November 2016

The Road Trip is Over

More touring around South Australia, this was the unplanned leg of the trip. Internet access was very restricted on Kangaroo Island so I spent some time on the ferry connecting everyone to the wifi system so that the search for accomodation could begin. 

We decided to head back to Adelaide through the McLarenvale region.

More wine tasting and then lunch at D'Arrys Verandah Restaurant (D'Arrenburg Wines)

There was a trip to the Adelaide Botanical Gardens

The shade from this magnificent old oak was very welcome and a good spot to have lunch.

Adelaide Botanical Gardens has this collection of old papier-mâché mache fungi and fruits, 

This restored glass conservatory that houses a collection of Madagascan plants


And some interesting bromeliads

No trip to Adelaide is complete without Glenelg Beach


How could I ignore this? I'm told that I have a bit of a waddle and my son would often call me 'mother duck'

Sometimes things do not always go to plan and despite plenty of touring around Goolwa, Lake Hindmarsh, the Murray River and Coorong and the various conservation areas we were unable to find much bird life to photograph.

Next up was Robe.

Very wild weather, windy and wet so we decided that home beckoned.

A long car journey gave me enough time to finish this blanket that was my travelling project.

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