Saturday, 5 November 2016

On the Road Again

Our journey continues, Victor Harbour via Hahndorf and Strathalbyn.

Our first morning was a little overcast and a little chilly but perfect for a brisk walk along the beach front and into town where we came across a Farmers Market.

Lots of fresh produce and breads that couldn't be resisted. I was particularly taken with the crumpet bread and bagels. 

An easy walk along the pier and out to Granite Island.

Our apartment was on the beachfront, an ideal location for some relaxing reading in the warm afternoon sun.

little drive out to McLarenvale. The Salopian Inn was on our list of 'dining destinations'. Many delicious offerings and sadly no room for dessert.

Hahndorf, a tourist town with Germam influences. 

Strathalbyn, a small town nearby had quite a few antique shops with lots of collectables, books and bric a brac. I always enjoy a rummage and came across this CWA book. Heaps of helpful hints for better management of the household.

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