Friday, 28 August 2015

Winter Rose

The Hellebores or Winter Rose have been flowering for months. There are clumps of them all over our garden with lots planted around the fruit trees. In full flower when most of the garden is dormant, they have multiplied very well and with the different shades provide an excellent display.

These very pale pink/green were the first that went into the garden. The original plant came from my mother's garden who in true gardener fashion got it from her mother. The darker pinks came a few years later. All are very hardy. I think that the type that I have are Helleborus orientalis. There are many new hybrids of the hellebore in the nurseries and perhaps I will add to the collection.

With the weather is getting a little warmer the garden is showing signs of Spring growth and for just a little while there will be a lovely display of blossom to go with the hellebores.

First the plum trees and then the apricot, the quince and apples will follow a bit later.

The bluebells are flowering.

These too have multiplied and pop up everywhere. 

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