Friday, 7 August 2015

Bespoke Long Socks

I love long socks and for years have worn mens long walk socks with my knee high boots. Imagine my joy to find that Ruth, a former coleague and friend was prepared to knit woollen knee highs tailored to my exact measurements. She knits as a fundraiser for her church group and I am happy to support her. So far four pairs of regular length, 1 pair of mid calf and the extra long and all in black, grey, self patterning or combinations of these colours and yarn.

It seems that just about everyone in my knitting group knits socks but me. Recently I wore these hand knitted beauties to knitting - with a skirt and ankle boots so that they could be fully admired. They are warm, comfortable and because they have been knitted for me are the right length and the top fits my leg measurement perfectly. The joy of the bespoke sock!

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