Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pistachio Barfi

Many years ago I travelled to India and sampled a number of sweet treats including barfi, a delicious fudge like sweet and a pistachio kulfi, a type of icecream. My fondness for barfi was rekindled at a recent party where another of the guests had brought along a plate to share.  Aruna explained that her method involved cooking the barfi in the microwave which made it very appealing. She very kindly shared her recipe.

I followed Aruna's recipe and added pistachio nuts to the mixture and sprinkled chopped pistachios on top. I would also recommend purchasing a new packet of cardamon so that the flavour is really fresh. Allow the barfi to set overnight/for a few hours.

Aruna Maharaj’s Barfi Recipe

400 grams Thickened Cream
500 grams Powdered Milk
2 cups Castor Sugar
1 tblspoon of Cardamon Powder

1.               Mix together Cream, powdered milk and castor sugar.
2.               Microwave on high for 5 mins.
3.               Take out and mix again.
4.               Microwave for another 4 mins.
5.               Add ½ the Cardamom Powder.
6.               Microwave for another 4 mins.
7.               Mix again. The mixture should be firm and doughy when       touched. Oil from the mixture should rub onto the palms of your hands when you touch it.
8.               Spread mixture into a greased tray.
9.               Sprinkle the rest of the cardamom onto the mixture through a sieve.
10.         When set cut into squares.

 Variation / Notes 

*The strength of microwaves can vary a little, particularly older modeld. I found that i needed to cook it a couple of minutes longer than the recipe stipulates. as a guide the mixture will turn a light fawn colour. It is best to do any extra cooking in 30 second to 1 minute intervals.

**the mixture will be very hot so take care when removing and replacing it in the microwave. I used a large 2 litre pyrex jug, the handle makes it very easy to hold.

For Pistachio Barfi
Roughly chop 2/3 cup of pistachio nuts. Reserve some to sprinkle on the top of the barfi at step 9. Add most of the chopped pistacios and the remaining cardamon at step 7. 

Spread the barfi into a greased tray lined with cooking parchment. I let it set overnight.

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