Monday, 19 January 2015

Family Trifle

This is the trifle that I grew up with, it is still a favourite 'comfort food' dessert.

There was a  layer of sponge cake, nearly always commercial Swiss roll, topped with tinned peaches. Jelly was poured all over the cake and fruit and then allowed to set. Then came the custard, always thick and made with custard powder. The trifle was refrigerated and then topped with whipped cream, sometimes it was the decorated with more chopped raspberry jelly. The trifle of my childhood was never decorated with chocolate and never had any wine or sherry in it.

My version uses frozen raspberries and lots of raspberry jelly, the custard has some of the milk replaced with cream and grated chocolate on top.

This is what you need to make it

1 large Swiss roll or a layer of sponge cake or a sponge sandwich
1 -2 cups frozen raspberries
2 pkts of raspberry jelly crystals, made up using 1 cup less water.
2 quantities of custard, substitute cream for half the milk and add an extra tablspoon of custard powder.
300 ml cream, whipped
grated chocolate

It is never easy to serve it nicely from a deep bowl - don't  even try, just scoop it out as best you can.

I used to make this quite often  when I was a cook in an aged care home. When making it in bulk I always made the sponge directly into a large rectangular stainless steel tray and then added the fruit, jelly and custard layers, the cream was piped on after it had been cut and served into the plates.

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