Sunday, 18 January 2015

Simple Pleasures - Fresh Tomatoes

I would like to say that these are our first 'big' tomatoes, however, our first ones were picked by someone who, like us, had been watching them ripen. This tomato plant is one that we planted in our long driveway that runs of a laneway. Ihope that it was enjoyed as much as I enjoyed the one that I had for lunch.

A simple lunch - fresh crusty sourdough, a little (salted) butter, some just picked, deliciously ripe sliced tomato, a smattering of fresh basil and freshly ground black pepper.

The plant, self sown, transplanted from our garden and  happily growing in our laneway.

We have quite a few tomatoes growing in our plot at a community garden, several cherry tomatoes in pots at home and our laneway plant. Soon, we will have a glut and I will be making containers of stewed tomato for the freezer and my favourite Spicy Moroccan Tomato Chutney or these preserves.

This one was an experiment, the sign at the nursery indicated that it was small and ideal for pots. We duly purchased the plant, repotted it into a larger pot and waited for it to grow. Three months have passed and it hasn't really grown much, it is only about 20 cm tall and is not ever going to need the large pot it is in. Given the very small size of the plant it has been quite a bountiful producer, with a crop of three or four cherry tomatoes each day.

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  1. Funny, I guess you can't expect them to just walk past without picking when they look so yum.