Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Apricots Galore

This the best crop we have had and on a relatively young tree. It is a quarter of the size of old tree and so bountiful. Unfortunately the rain and heat that we have had means that they need to be picked before mould and rot set in. They are also under attack from the wattle birds, they seem to be able to tell when they are ripe ready to pick. We do not net and are happy to let them have a feast - there are plenty for all. The flavour of a perfectly ripe, just picked apricot, warm from the tree is a delight.

The first preserving task is to slow roast the apricots until just soft, then pack them into takeaway food containers and freeze for our cereal and delicious apricot crumbles. There are thirty containers in the freezer and more to come.

Decision time - jam or relish? A quick inventory of the preserves cupboard revealed a good supply of relishes and chutneys so jam it was. Nine jars so far.

After all this hardwork, I needed an apricot.

No rest for Ray, there was still picking to be done.

This is the recipe that I used, I had 2 kg of apricots and 2 kg of sugar , after the cooking time the jam was not jelling so I also added half a packet of jamsetta (commercial pectin).

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