Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Summer Garden

 Our Summer garden is dominated by leafy produce, fruit trees and lots of yellow, orange and red flowers. Nasturtiums and marigolds planted in and around every garden bed. The marigolds take me back to a long ago trip to India, there were garlands and mounds of them everywhere I went.

The dahlias are in full flower. This lemon yellow with the peach blush is gorgeous. Every time I look at these I think of my mother and remember her Summer garden, dahlias were a favourite, her collection included all different types and colours.

I planted this coreopsis specifically for ecodyeing, it is looking magnificent and it seems a shame to harvest it for the dye pot. I also have a different coreopsis in the front garden that is a really bright yellow. It too is destined for the dye pot.

The citrus trees are looking good with plenty of fruit on them.

lemons and one of the limes

the orange trees have fruit, something to look forward to, they are a long way from harvest.

The plums are nearly ripe, one of the trees is a triple graft, three different types on the one tree and there are three more trees. More fruit for the freezer and jam.


lots of fresh herbs, the mint contained to prevent it taking over.

a new crop of coriander, self sown

Four different types of chillies. We will leave some to ripen to a bright red, however, the green chilli jam beckons.

A few of these have flowered this week. Self sown and have obviously found the right conditions. In our garden they mostly flower in November and early December, I can not recall having them flower this late in Summer.

The calla lillies are also looking fantastic, we have lots of them clumped throughout the garden, mostly yellows and oranges, however the pink and burgundy ones are starting to take off.

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