Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Roast Carrot Salad

The weekly roast is a fixture on the menu. Lamb and lots of veg being the most popular. This is my warm weather version. The preserved lemon that is used in  the carrot salad can be purchased or you can make your own using the recipe in my previous post Lots of Lemons

Roast Carrot Salad

Roast Sweet Potato, Broccolini and Green Bean Salad, Fetta, Green Olives and French Dressing

Barbecued Leg of Lamb, with Cumin Butter and Dukkah

 A flat boned leg of lamb cooks in an hour on the barbecue and the vegetables can be cooked quickly in a hot oven.

Mixed Grains with Lemon and Parsley

This salad contains approximately equal quantities of cooked buckwheat, Freekah, Puy or black lentils, and quinoa with lots of chopped parsley and some lemon juice. Each of the grains need to be cooked separately, rinsed in cold running water and drained. Cook more than is needed and freeze for another time. 

If the weather is very hot I steam the vegetables but the carrot and sweet potato are better baked. 

Roast Carrot Salad

4 carrots
2 pieces / quarters of preserved lemon
1 lemon
1/2 cup pistachio nuts
1/2 cup currants
1/4 bunch coriander, chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons lemon olive oil

Wash, peel and slice carrots 1 cm thick. I slice diagonally and then cut the slices in half.

Place on a tray, spray lightly with cooking spray and bake  at 170 deg C until just cooked. 

Remove pulp from the preserved lemon, rinse well and dice into small pieces and place in a mixing bowl.

Add zest and juice of the lemon, pistachio nuts, currants, oil and a few grinds of black pepper. Mix well.

Add hot, cooked carrots and coriander and toss or stir until the carrots are coated and the salad is evenly mixed.

Place in serving bowl.


  1. Just finished eating my second serve of the above dish in the form of my share of the left overs. Thanks for that Kerrie.
    Last night was a very tasty dish with the vegetable at room temperature and the flavours complementing each other. Tonight it was straight from the refrigerator but still with all that fresh flavour. A great combo. Might even have to try it myself. Reality check: Perhaps I'll just wait till Joyce gets home from Arnhem Land.

  2. gosh those salads look killer! I'm going to have a go at your preserved lemon recipe as soon as we get in-season, less expensive lemons…