Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cookies 'n Cream Icecream

Often I trim the ends off the brownies (and any pieces that have not been eaten) and freeze them. When I have a a bag full they get defrosted and made into crumbs. The crumbs are very good scattered over cheesecakes, chocolate desserts or made into truffles. Another way to use them up is to make cookies 'n cream icecream.

This is another version of the no churn icecream. You do not need chocolate brownies - a packet of chocolate biscuits would work just as well. If you like chunkier cookies in the icecream do not process the brownies or biscuits into fine crumbs

Cookies 'n cream Icecream
300 ml cream
1/2 can condensed milk, approximately
2 or more teaspoons vanilla concentrate, to taste
2 cups brownie crumbs or chocolate biscuit crumbs

Beat/whip cream until thick

Add condensed milk, crumbs and vanilla, Mix through. If using the electric mixer use the lowest setting and only until mixed through. Do not overbeat.

Spoon into a container and freeze.

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