Friday, 8 August 2014

Productive Day

Somedays are better than others for getting things done, today was one of those days. Obviously my morning coffee worked and I was home and into some preparation for a tutorial that I am doing for a textile art group. I hunted through some of my work to find samples to show the group and then prepared a kit of papers for each participant. This is some of the work that I will be showing.

mixed media collage
paper towel, tissue paper, linen, acrylic paint, ink and machine stitch

mixed media collage
fabrics, nylon mesh, papers, threads, handstitch

Stitcher's Postcard
mixed media collage
fabric remnants, dressmaker's pattern, acrylic paint, machine stitch

The focus for the tutorial is on incorporating paper into stitched works. I want the group to experiment with a variety of papers and  both hand and machine stitch. This is the kit/sampler page with a collage of different papers ready for experimenting with stitch.

 I was so efficient that I was able to have lunch out at Box Office Cafe and then visit some friends before going home to pack the car with all the things needed for the tutorial.

Then out to the opening of this exhibition at Boom Gallery.

Here, discussing some of the smaller works with Glen, the artist

and then enjoying the exhibition.  No the wine is not mine - I am just minding it for a friend.

This is another piece of Glen's work. It is called Sexy Scissors. Ray gave this to me for Christmas a couple of years ago and hangs in our study. Unfortunately it is not a good photo, look carefully and you will see that I have managed to superimpose myself onto it.

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