Saturday, 9 August 2014

Happiness and Gratitude

Still chirpy and cheerful? - a chance comment from a fellow imbiber (possibly not a morning person) at my local coffee shop combined with some of my family and friends publicly reflecting on things that they are grateful for has made me think about happiness and contentment. I feel blessed that I am a 'glass half full' type of girl and a chirpy sort - even first thing in the morning.

Here are a few of the things that make me happy and who could not feel happy and cheerful when

looking at these gorgeous fresh sunflowers,

 in the company of a much loved pet,
cooking dinner for family and friends,
admiring the garden and watching the pansies grow,
eating good food like this,
celebrating a dear friend's birthday,
and reflecting on all the important and happy times in your life?

For me, the the trick is to accept that  life is not all sweetness and light and to look for the positives rather than dwell on the negatives. I am grateful that I have a supportive and loving family. It helps that I am able to surround myself with things that make me happy and can do things that interest me. Being involved with people makes me happy. I try to be open to meeting new people, accept that there are all levels of contact and involvement and that people will come into and out of my life. I have been lucky in my employment, it has been both stimulating and enjoyable. Belonging to all sorts of clubs has nurtured my numerous interests, provided stimulating companionship and many friendships. For all of this I feel blessed and truly grateful.

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