Wednesday, 6 August 2014

When You Need A Burger

Sometimes I have to give in to the urge - this is my take on the 'all beef patty blah, blah, blah'

The first step is to get a good bun, I buy Noisette brioche rolls from a local cafe and freeze them, however, any bun will do. I like to toast the inside or place it cut side down on the pan.

 Spread the bun with beetroot dip/relish or sliced beetroot. I prefer a thick dip as it is easier to bite into and you have one less layer to slide about inside the burger.

Add your beef patty or as I do a thin slice of scoth fillet steak, bashed out. I get to burgers from each piece of steak.

and an egg

some bacon, I like it crispy and well sizzled

a slice of cheese

thinly sliced tomato

shredded lettuce and some tomato sauce or onion jam. Put the the top on, grip firmly and enjoy.

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