Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Chin Chin and Me 6

Curry Night Chin Chin style, more dishes from the Chin Chin cookbook. The duck curry was the dish I wanted to make and from this came the rest of the meal, another curry, a cooling plate, steamed rice and some steamed green vegetables. This was going to be a lot of food for two so a couple more dishes and there was enough for a crowd.

Red Curry of Roast Duck p122

Green Curry of Grilled Chicken p118

A cooling plate of Green Mango, Cucumber and Fresh Herbs p110

Something for them  to nibble on whilst putting the finishing touches on the main course. Not quite the school prawns in the recipe, however, these small prawn tails were a good substitute.

Crunchy School Prawns with Nahm Prik Gapi p 52

And because it had now become a dinner party,  a dessert was needed - icecream sundaes that had palm sugar icecream, burnt caramel icecream, honeycomb and some lime syrup poured over the top.

Palm Sugar Icecream Sundae p204

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