Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spoilt Mother

A great start to the day, the sun was shining and this gorgeous yellow/orange and rust red striped beauty to look at through window. The chrysanthemum, a flower traditionally associated with mother's day. Thankyou Ray - he understands my passion for this colour.

My thoughtful son Liam and daughter in law Rachel arriving early in the morning to take me out for coffee and bearing a new cyclamen for my garden.  Now that I have a pair of these pink cyclamens I can put them either side of the steps.

Labels I love - from my clever 'furry children'. Who says cats aren't smart?

We made a start on the cheese for lunch

A very happy day spent 'pottering' before we went to el toro for my favourite pizza. The vegetarian with extra hot salami and chilli. I never have anything else.

Thank you family - I am a very lucky mother.

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