Saturday, 10 May 2014


Today I went to Ballarat Apron Festival with my friend Emma. What a great and good fun event, well done to the organising group. So much effort had gone into creating the retro/vintage vibe.

Emma and me enjoying a cuppa and gossip in the retro kitchen

There were lots of aprons for sale - I was tempted, a stall selling vintage linen and a little cafe for some light refreshment. I purchased this cushion cover for $1 - glad to give it a new home. The tapestry work is gorgeous.

I have always loved and worn aprons, mostly just the plain cooks apron. There are six hanging on the door from the kitchen to the laundry. One plastic that is hardly ever worn and five white (well almost white).

These are the ones that hang behind the door in my sewing room.

made by Pauline, my favourite apron for crafting - it goes right around and has enormous pockets.

a gift from Ruth, a gorgeous linen apron for serving Christmas lunch

a gift from some classmates in a textile artists workshop - Art & the Domestic Goddess, made with an old tablecloth and doilies. 'Hello cupcake" embroidered across the front - a thankyou for their daily cupcakes.

and from my mum, special because she made it for me, despite being so ill. Rarely worn, but there for me just like my mum would have been.

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