Monday, 12 May 2014

Saving a Culinary Flop

We all have it happen  - a flop in the kitchen. I was trying out a recipe idea for a gluten free cake. The original concept was a white chocolate and coconut cake. My plan was to make individual 'coconut ice' cupcakes using the cake as the base and then some white chocolate and coconut frosting tinted pale pink. This is what I actually ended up with.

What happened? The cake did not cook properly and it went too brown for what I imagined. The cakes tasted nice - a caramel and coconut flavour but were not going to be nice cupcakes. Not one to waste, I considered my options and decided that I could still make something with it. I scraped the cake out of the cupcake papers and into a bowl, about 2 cups of cake crumbs and then added a 180 gram packet of dark chocolate, melted and mixed it well. This was too sloppy so I added more coconut.until it was a truffle type consistency.

I made a few truffle balls and stuffed them with a pistachio, however, after making twenty balls I had only used up half the mixture.

I gave up and pressed the remaining mixture into a greased and lined slice tin thinking that I could use it as a slice. It set quite well but was a bit thin and not very appealing to look at.

Some more thinking and I decided that it would make a nice filling for a slice so another block of chocolate, melted, spread over the top and refrigerated until set.

The next stage was to make it look more appealing, so another block of chocolate, white this time to make the topping. Melted and spread over the other side. The failed filling now sandwiched between two layers of chocolate.

Next some coconut  pressed into the chocolate for decoration.

What has been learned from this? Unless it totally burnt it can be saved by chocolate or know when to give up and bin it. The family are happily eating the truffles and the hopefully my Twisted Sisters(Sistas) enjoy the slice.

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