Thursday, 1 June 2017

Practice Makes...

Recently I attended a workshop with Emily from Cakesmith Geelong. The workshop, offered as part of the Queenscliffe Literary Festival, was titled Dessert.

We got off to a good start with a glass of bubbles and two individual desserts. Suitably fortified we commenced the class. 

Impressive organisation, Emily was all set up to demonstrate and recipe sheets were distributed.

The class in progress

For this dessert cake there were four different components to be made and demonstrated before the assembly and finishing of the cake. The blueberry cake layer, buttercream layer, coconut/Bounty bar layer and lemon curd layer. 

The coconut / Bounty Bar layer.

The finished cake. Three layers of cake, three layers of the buttercream layer, two of the coconut and two of the lemon curd plus some of the leftovers for decoration.

And then the taste test, Yum!

I like to reinforce my learning so I went home and made a version of the cake.  This one has choc chip layer cake, Tia Maria buttercream, coconut/Bounty bar layer and an espresso curd layer. I would have achieved a better finish if I had used the acetate cake strips to line the cake rings and assemble the cake, however, enthusiasm won out. 

The same process was used to make a mini cake for a friend. I used an egg ring to cut the cake circles.

There were enough leftover trimmings and mixture to make a type of trifle cake

Now to make another because as the saying goes 'practice makes perfect'

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