Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Many Outfits of Morris

I have been knitting for Morris. This is Morris, a neighbour's dog that has become my daily walking partner since moving into the neighbourhood.  His owner had a bit of a clean up of some unpacked boxes and found this - relic from his younger days. We tried it on him but decided it was much too small.

This is his revamped 'baby jumper'  I picked up the stitches along the bottom and added to the jumper to make it long enough and then a few rows around the edges to make it wider.

And then she found this one, started but never finished

So I finished it. She also had a photocopy of the pattern - published by Sirdar and from the Battersea Dogs Home. 

I couldn't stop. Every well dressed dog needs to show support for the home team. An old style jumper, knitted in the navy and white hoops for Geelong.

Of course I didn't make this. The doggy 'Dryasabone' for really cold and rainy weather.


  1. The rainbow coat shows a very inclusive dog !

  2. Looking smart.
    I have pattern books for doggy fashion including a dinosaur coat that I'm sure Morris would love!