Thursday, 13 April 2017

Fibre Arts with Hannah Lamb

Home after a week away at Fibre Arts. This time I did a class with Hannah Lamb called Pattern of Place. You can read about her here , here  and here With a focus on experimenting with fabric, paper, cyanotype and Eco printing and stitch and taking the time develop some ideas and work in response a particular environment.

These two pieces are very small samples of Hannah's work

 Unusually, I do not have any finished pieces but there are many pieces in production. Some will remain as bigger pieces, however, most will be small pieces or for a book.

The weather was mostly grey and gloomy. Good for our eco printing but not so good for the cyanotype printing

I think the gloominess is reflected in this piece. Constructed with eco dyed fabric, hexagons made with papers that were cut up from an earlier exercise.

This task required us to draw our journey or walk from memory and use symbols and colours personal to us.

The journey interpreted in stitch and eco printed.

A close up

Eco print bundles, another form of pattern and place. 

Some of the fabrics from the bundle

Playing around with a cyanotype on silk and eco print.

Some more drawing exercises, without looking at the paper.

Interpreted in stitch

Another weed

Interpreted with fabric and stitch

A similar weed

This time a Cyanotype print, blurred because it started to rain.

On paper and under glass

Gum leaves

Lace daisy print

Group photo

Monty, the class mascot.

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