Wednesday, 22 March 2017

My New Jeep

For some time I have been wanting and looking for an old fashioned shopping jeep. Despite many trips to op shops, looking on line and a visit to every store that I thought a possibility I was not able to get what I wanted.  I was talking about this at my knitting group and one of the 'Twisted Sisters', my friend Barbara who clearly has a sharp eye saw one on the side of the road as she was driving in to knitting a week later. It had a little rust and was dirty and smelt a little musty but nothing a good wash and a week or two of airing wouldn't fix.

This is my new ( found) printmaking jeep. It is larger and has square sides and the cover folds bag for easy access to all my equipment. Thank you Barbara, it is perfect.

This is my old jeep. Clearly not big enough and the wrong shape.

Despite all the rain this morning I was able to walk to my class and arrive with everything dry. 

The rain obviously influencing my work today. 

Nice weather ... For a duck. Copperplate etching

Printed onto interfacing.

Ghost print onto interfacing. I plan to do some embroidery on this.

Printed on grease proof paper that had been pre printed with acrylic paint using a geli plate.

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