Friday, 20 January 2017

Fika & Hygge 3

Still working my way through this fabulous book. I have set myself the goal of making every recipe from the book. My friends regard it as my own Julie and Julia  experience. I too am documenting my progress on my blog and instagram. There are sixty recipes in the book and so far twenty six have been made. I have previously written about it here , here and here . As with all cookbooks there are recipes that I have liked more than others and some that I will make over and over, however, so far have not made anything that I didn't like.  There are some that have ingredients not readily obtained or required tins that I either do not have or can easily substitute. Fortunately, a friend who is travelling to London was happy to visit the authors shop and purchase them, the special tins needed for the cake that I intend for my last have been ordered on line.

Coconut tops, page 18

Rum Treats, page 56

Rye Flat Rolls, page 171

Homemade Rye Crispbread, page 167

Othello Layer Cake, page 135

World's Best Cake page 136

Daim Cookies page 21

Sticky White Chocolate Cake, page 76

Medals, page 110

Custard Tarts, page 94

Mazarin Tart with Plums, page 80

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