Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Week That Was ...

What a fun week it has been. Lots to see and do, materials to play, an inspiring tutor and a great bunch of class mates. The class certainly lived up to the description of Creative Play and Art Journalling. There was so much to inspire and motivate our creative efforts.

I made a journal.

The journal, opened out to show the front and back covers. The stitching in the centre is holding the five signatures of worked pages. I Intend to work buttonhole stitch across the horizontal lines of stitching.

One of signatures or sets of pages in the journal.

And another

I kept to a colour palette of green, earthy red and browns with touches of black and gold. 

Repeatedly used the same stamps and stencils

I thought that I would have cats as a theme. They appear randomly throughout the journal.

I made a cat stencil on acetate sheet. The sheet picked up the paint as it was used to make pages.

This page is the background or negative space of the acetate sheet glued to another printed page.

Same cat with some collage

I have the beginnings of an art journal and need to 'work into' the pages. week was not enough to create the fabulous art pages and a big journal.  Monika says that you just take your time and work on pages as you feel like it.

And finally, an unfinished page from one of Monika's journals - a reminder that it is ok to not have finished all the pages in the journal.

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  1. It all looks very impressive Kerrie. I like the look of your un-finished journal.