Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Another Week at Fibre Forum

The class this year is Art Journalling and Creative Play, taken by the very talented Monika Dabrowska - Ejmont. You can read about Monika's work here.

Her work is very colourful and dynamic. 

Monika began with a very bubbly and enthusiastic introduction to our week. Very inspiring and so much for us absorb.

Our creative play began with making some stamps

Commercial stencils for even more interest

We need lots of stamped and stencilled papers to use as base pages for the journals and to cut up and collage.

Many of my pages have a cat  on them

Each page will be collaged, over stamped or embellished in some way and then made into signatures or sections for the finished journals.

The grounds and gardens are very relaxing and a perfect place for a little quiet time.

My favourite garden beds with Clivea in full flower.

Trades Hall, always a source of temptation.

I enjoy the drive out around Corio Quay, the contrast between Industry

And the bay

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