Sunday, 5 June 2016

Something New

I am not one for change, however, sometimes it is forced upon me. This week we had to replace our microwave. The man and I dutifully tripped off to the appliance store. The staff were friendly and helpful and there were lots to choose from. The attentive and helpful salesman was somewhat bemused by the idea that our microwave was at least twenty eight years old. Wow, 'older than me' he said and followed it up with 'none of these will last that long'. Quick to make a joke I replied ' that's OK, neither will we'.  Having ascertained that we really only used it to reheat and were further constrained by the space that the microwave needed to fit into,  reduced our options significantly.

The new microwave. It is quite good to be able to select time in seconds rather than guessing and counting 

As I did with the old. We were slow to embrace the technology but these days cannot imagine not having one. I love the ease that microwaves offer to easily reheat a meal.

Also recently replaced. This is my new food processor, a fancier version of the old. The most used piece of equipment in my kitchen. I confess that I haven't used the additional features all that much. 

The pastry for these little tarts was made in the food processor and the lime curd filling (recipe below) in the microwave.  

I always melt chocolate  and make ganache icing in the microwave.

My life is made much easier by being able to reheat a meal.

This spread makes a good filling for pre baked tart shells, crepes and  sponge cake and it is very easy to make.

Lemon/Lime Spread

125 g butter
½ cup caster sugar
125 ml lemon /limejuice
Fine zest of the lemons/limes
2 tablespoons cornflour
2 large eggs

Melt butter

Whisk lemon juice, rind, sugar and cornflour together, add eggs and whisk again.

Combine lemon mixture with melted butter, mix well.

Microwave on high for one minute, whisk and then for thirty seconds at a time, whisking each time. The total cooking time is about 3 minutes. ( 1minute plus 4 x 30 seconds). The finished spread will be thick.


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