Wednesday, 8 June 2016

April 2016 - Art Deco

The swaps continue. I really look forward to getting my swaps in the mail. It is always interesting to see how themes are interpreted by participants each month.

My card.

A Symbol of the Time. 4/4
Appliqué and machine stitch. I found versions of this motif in many Art Deco items.

The Swaps.

Art Deco. 2/4
Lace, hand and machine embroidery, ribbon work, sequins, beading. Colours typical of women's wear during the Art Deco period.

Off Kilter.
Hand embroidery.

Rockerfella Building New York. 1/3
Gel print, hand and machine embroidery. The Rockerfella building is an iconic building from the Art Deco period.

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