Sunday, 22 May 2016

Seven Sisters Star Quilt

Last night was cooler and I decided it was time to add another quilt to our bed. This was made many years ago. I have always liked making scrap quilts and hand piecing. Each hexagonal block contains seven six pointed stars that are arranged with hexagons and half hexagons to form a hexagon middle for the green star points.

I started making the red six pointed stars and became obsessed. I had not realised how big the quilt would be until I had the blocks sewn up into rows with the green triangles. After much unpicking I had two quilts. My quilt is very big, approximately 120 inches wide and 110 long. About two thirds of the red stars were used for my quilt and the rest were made into a couch snuggle quilt for a friend. Her quilt does not have the green star points, however, not one to waste, the green triangles that were unpicked were used for another project.

When selecting the fabrics from the stash I decided that all reds would work together, any cream or light print would be suitable and a range of greens to make the points. When it was time to assemble the 'seven sisters' hexagon block I tried to keep similar tones together.

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  1. Just beautiful as all your quilts are, I cherish mine