Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Persimmons are not a fruit that I have very often, I do not grow them and rarely come across anyone who has a tree and wants to unload some. I have a basket of persimmons in varying states of ripeness, the fruit are gorgeous to look at and watching them change colour is quite exciting.  The persimmons were given to me with the direction to eat when fully ripe, soft an squishy. Unripe or partially ripe persimmons are extremely astringent, inedible and are really a 'mouth puckering', turn you off the fruit for life experience.

When fully ripe the persimmons turn a vivid orange colour,

This one is very ripe, the flesh is soft and can be spooned out. Alternatively, the skin can be removed and the flesh sliced. It can be added to fruit salad to give some extra colour.

I like to poach them in an orange syrup, notice the star pattern in the fruit when sliced.

Sometimes I make type of mousse by puréeing the flesh, and adding some gelatine, orange zest and whipped cream. The puree or mousse is quite subtle in flavour - plain cream, icecream or yoghurt would be just as nice.

Persimmon Mousse
1 cup persimmon puree
1/2 cup whipped cream
2 sheets leaf gelatine(10g)
zest of an orange.

Place leaf gelatine in a bowl of cold water making sure it is fully covered. Leave to soak for at least ten minutes.

Carefully tip of the cold water leaving the gelatine in the bowl. Add a tablespoon of boiling water and stir to dissolve the geatine.

Add gelatine to persimmon puree, mix well.

Fold in whipped cream and refrigerate until firm.

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