Thursday, 14 April 2016

I Know It Is Autumn When

Of course there is the calendar that tells me and the evenings become cooler but I really know it is Autumn when

The Boston Ivy / Virginia Creeper turns red and starts to drop leaves

The Japanese Anemones (windflowers) are in full flower

As is the Balsam, come Winter it will be removed as we want the garden bed for something else

These chrysanthemums are providing a lovely flush of orange and yellow behind and underneath the plum trees which have mostly dropped their leaves

The Lemon Verbena has filled the area with many flowers and long soft branches of fragrant leaves. It responds well to pruning and  will also be cut back heavily in the next month or so.

The Tuscan kale is coming to an end, it is showing evidence of the continuous picking of few leaves at a time, there are many of these scattered throughout the garden to ensure a good crop of easy picking, leafy greens.

The parsley is going to seed

As is the lettuce that was overtaken by tomatoes and marigolds

The quinces are harvested and the Quince Jelly is made. This year I made a slightly different version as well as the traditional. The Quince and Orange jelly has some reduced orange juice added to the quince juice and a generous dash of Grand Marnier added to the jelly just before bottling.

I purchase flowers and leave my own to flower in the garden. These glorious stocks are not from my garden, however, I always associate them with Autumn and treat myself to a bunch or two.

It is cool enough for my thoughts turn to different planting season in the parterre or better still remodelling some of  the garden. A couple of quick and very poor sketches in the coffee shop, necessary to explain my concepts to the man of the house.

And I covet the neighbour's prickly pear. Only the fruit not the plant itself.

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  1. all really lovely, and i share your love for white stocks. Can't believe how lush your lemon verbena is!