Tuesday, 5 April 2016

I'm Back

What a fabulous week! Stimulating and inspiring is the best way to sum up the event. The 'Fibre Arts' community get it, they understand the need to make and create and you never have to explain why you are doing ... From time to time you might explain the how but never the why.

Esme is a meerkat. She is not finished yet, however, when she is I will do a photo shoot with lots of close ups of the stitching and detail.

This is 'Mohawk' Mozzie, quickly made in the style of the textile menagerie. I made this as my contribution to the decoration of the Top Table. Each class makes something that reflects the work being done in the class and adds it to the table. At the end of the week all the items are auctioned and the proceeds donated to charity.

Herbert, the brown mouse. A little project to learn a few of the techniques before starting on Esme.

No names as yet, and unfinished. They too will be added to the menagerie.

This cat was my muse for the week. Adopted by the school until his owners were found.

Can you see the likeness? Somehow it morphed into a meerkat.

Each morning before class involved a walk around Lake Wendouree. Always in the dark until Daylight Savings ended.

The Botanical Gardens were impressive, so many garden beds that I liked

The dahlias and this statue were possibly my favourite

although the succulent circles surrounding the clipped box in each corner of one of the beds looked great and would work in our garden.

This installation started off as bundles of laundry, folded and tied. Over two days the shirts were gradually slipped from the hangers and dropped to the ground.

They eventually became two large balls.

One of the exhibitions featured recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials that had been fashioned into children's clothes 

And shoes like these sandals and the the high heeled and feathered mules

These pieces were from another exhibition of Modern Quilts

There was an opportunity to purchase some art for sale at the 10 x 10 or 15 x 15 exhibition.  Small works like these prints. This year I must have got the timing right as I was able to get quite a few.

So much fun, can hardly wait for Fibre Arts 2017.

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  1. Looks like a good week Kerrie. I love the creatures you made.