Thursday, 7 April 2016

Clay Monotype Prints

I take many classes and often in areas that are 'out of my skill set and comfort zone'. Over time I have realised the most important thing is to enjoy yourself, reminding myself that it is all about learning the process and taking the time to experiment and practise (you don't become an Olympic athlete after one training session). This was one such class and despite my misgivings I found that I really enjoyed the process and think that I will be able to use this technique for many of my textile pieces. The style of the prints could be described as organic and evolving and the process is good for the novice printmaker. The images were printed onto stiff interfacing.

Commercial stencil, randomly placed onto a lightly coloured background

Freely painted circles, the plate reused and more or different colours added.

I tend to work with a limited colour palette and as my intention is to use the image as a background the colours are usually lighter and more subtle. 

The second print from the same plate without any additional colour added

Reworking the plate with some mesh type overlay and some more colour

It doesn't matter if on the day you lack inspiration or think your work is not good enough, it can generally be trimmed up and incorporated in other works.

A printed piece that was used to print again, mostly to remove the last of the coloured glaze and clean the clay printing plate.

Sections of the printed fabric 

An experiment in free form grids and an attempt at a tartan. Not something that I like but cut down may be useful in smaller sections.

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