Monday, 1 February 2016

Supernormal 2

This is the second dinner cooked from the Supernormal cookbook. A selection of dishes for a shared main and then dessert.

Fried Chicken with Sticky Sauce  - page 174 

A smaller helping made with the drumlets, destined for a lunchbox.

Fillet steak with Black Pepper Sauce page 184. I added some steamed broccolini and purslane.

Bean Sprout and Green Beans in Quick Pickle Kim Chi page 138. The origanal suggestion was for a bowl of each but I combined them just before serving.

Not in the cookbook but a lovely fresh salad, all from our garden -tomatoes, cucumber, purslane (yes, a weed) and mint with a Ponze dressing. A bowl of steamed rice was added, great for soaking up some of the delicious sauces.

The dessert was Baked Meringue with Rosewater Cream and Lychee Sorbet all sitting on Raspberry and Rose Jelly, the pink powder is freeze dried raspberry powder page 208. The dessert Is quite a complicated dish to make due to the various parts, however, can all be made in advance and just assembled when needed. 

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