Sunday, 8 November 2015

From my Quilt Collection

These vintage hexagon quilts are part of my collection. This is the quilt that got me started with collecting. It is a very large single quilt or a topper for a double bed. As was the fashion it is also very long so that pillows can be tucked in and covered.

Purchased in1995 and Circa 1930/40. The diamonds are made up with a variety of feedsack and dress fabrics. The pink fabric hexagons forming a frame for each diamond.

The hexagons are approximately 1 1/2 inches and each hexagon is quilted.

The narrow binding is a different pink and cut on the bias.

The backing is made of 'cheater' cloth. The cloth is printed to look like patchwork.

Another quilt circa 1940. This one has the hexagons arranged as flowers, the middle of each flower is yellow and then a row of plain blue hexagons followed by a row of blue print hexagons. The flowers are separated by a row of off white hexagons

This quilt was given to me as an incomplete top. It was partly assembled and falling apart in places. The hexagons are silk and made with the traditional paper piecing method. I finished the quilt and repaired the seams that were falling apart. When I removed the paper I found that they were from reports and minutes of meetings dated 1942. The borders are new silks.

I used herringbone stitch over each seam to reinforce the joins, it forms rows of double quilting on the back.

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