Saturday, 7 November 2015

Finally Finished

It has been a long time in time in the making and there have been many projects in between.

 I have written about this quilt before so you can see that it has taken quite some time to finish. Luckily fabric doesn't go off and for a scrap quilt it doesn't matter if it is not the latest trend or colour. Scrap quilts such as this are a great way to use up a stash. 

The important thing is to have tonal variation with contrast in light, dark and mid tones and to make sure that there is a variety of scale in the prints. The quilt is made using a quilt as you go method. The background hexagon fabric is folded over the blue hexagon and stitched down forming a small white/cream border around each blue hexagon.

I like the back of the quilt nearly as much as the front.

This is another one made using the same technique, this time I opted for browns as the background fabrics and then the remaining fabrics were from my scrap bin.

The quilting is perle embroidery thread, which has a different feel and appearance to the quilting in the blue quilt.

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  1. Work of art, Kerrie - gorgeous! Phyllis