Friday, 30 October 2015

Crochet Cot Quilt

The yarn was purchased on sale, heavily discounted and only eight balls to be had. My original plan was to use it with other yarns either as a striped rug or in alternating squares with a colour yet to be determined or purchased.

thought I would start by crocheting the white blocks and used my favourite pattern. Progress was good. Thirty blocks were laid on the floor, they formed a blanket that was cot sized and the decision was made. I have always loved classic white/off white linen, rugs and throws so decided no more blocks, no alternating colour and to use the remaining yarn to crochet a border. Whilst I have no need for a cot quilt I am sure a home will be found.

The wide border adds a firm edge

And the 'bobble' picot edge is slight variation on my usual finish.

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