Tuesday, 15 September 2015


We are having a holiday in Western Australia. Last year we stayed in Margaret River and enjoyed it immensely. This year we have returned to the region and are staying in the coastal town of Yallingup near Dunsborough.

This is the view from the balcony of our villa and the view on the deck. The magpies are not at all timid.

We have spent the past two days driving around. Revisiting some places and investigating some new. Our first stop was Lake Clifton to see the thrombolites and to have a walk in the national park, very necessary after so much sitting at the airport and on the plane.

Ray likes to play at tour guide

Our friends Frank and Tina are keen photographers of the natural world

They were photographing this

Dragon Lizards putting on a romantic or amorous display. They are much better at spotting such things.

I am better with a larger subject to photograph, even if I have to stand around while Frank, the 'twitcher' is pursuing birds in the bush.

The wattles are beautiful 

A flower that I really like and possibly not such a good thing, Arum Lillies have naturalised and are everywhere. 

Dinner at Lamonts, a perfect end to our first day.

Cape Naturaliste National Park, we were lucky enough to see a whale and hope to see more on on our whale watching trip tomorrow.

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