Sunday, 13 September 2015


The man and I are off on a holiday. The preparations are complete, the cats have new 'in house' staff and the list of jobs to done in our absence completed. I find packing for a holiday to be a bit of a challenge particularly if flights are involved. My goal is to keep the weight of my luggage under ten kilos and it is tempting to load up. These days most of our holidays are within Australia and often involve renting a house or some form of accomodation with cooking facilities. My goal is to keep the weight of my luggage under ten kilos and while it is tempting to load up experience has taught me that I need fewer clothes. There are a few things that I consider essential and these are packed first.

Not really essential but I really like my lucky cat luggage tag. 

A couple of kitchen items, necessary if renting a house. I once went away and spent days trying to find a juicer - yes, I am addicted to freshly squeezed juice for breakfast and the supermarket stuff just doesn't compare. Knives, am yet to rent a house with a decent knife. Wrapped in a tea towel to protect them and buried deep within my luggage.

A hot water bottle.

A craft project.

A book.

Toiletries, a few first aid requirements and then any clothes I can fit in. I like this brightly coloured rolling duffle, easy to recognise, light and a little expandable just in case I give in to some impulse shopping.


A big slouch bag is perfect as cabin luggage, holds heaps including all the things that I will need to occupy myself in the departure lounge and on the flight.

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