Saturday, 19 September 2015

On The Road Again

A leisurely drive to Denmark via Augusta.

The very rocky shoreline of Augusta, no wonder a lighthouse was needed.

An old waterwheel, long discarded that served the lighthouse.

There were lots of stops along the sides of the road to look at orchids. It has taken awhile but I have finally got my eye in and do not have to be shown where to look.

Our accomodation is spacious and has a wood fire - quite a novelty so we had a cosy night at home.

We are good tourists and visit all the sights

You can see why these are called Elephant Rocks

And this is Greens Pool

Then onto a winery where we had a fab lunch at Pepper and Salt

After the big lunch we needed to do the Tree Top Walk and walk through the 'Ancient Empire' full of Tingles. Huge old trees with massive hollows.

This is for the carnivores/my paleo friends. Denmark has this fantastic butcher shop that has organic and dry aged beef along with a full range of other organic free range meat.

Be still my beating heart, Here I am gazing into that special meat cabinet, couldn't resist purchasing some for a BBQ.

And how often do you see a label 'bone broth'?

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