Friday, 18 September 2015

Busselton and Beyond

The retuturn visit to Busselton did not disappoint. Once again I walked the pier. Last year I photographed lots of  squid ink stains / patterns on the pier.

This time there was this real cuttlefish that had just been caught.

I really liked these rusted panels that were in the pier, 

There were lots to photograph and they may serve as inspiration for a mixed media art work. 

Nesting seagulls with babies. Look closely, they are hard to see.

There were masses of daisies so I made a daisy chain and then had leisurely walk around the Arts Precinct.

Apparently the Donnybrook Cemetery is home to many native orchids and wildflower so of we went. We were misled, however, I do like looking at old graves.

And after all this touring, dinner at Lamont's - there were several dishes that we still needed to try.

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