Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Here Kitty, Kitty -1.

A visitor to my house remarked that I was like one of the people from this television program Sadly it is no longer aired and I will not have the opportunity to show my collection on television.

I am a cat lover, three real life ones, cat things scattered around the house and  my 'sewing room' has shelves full of cat stuff. Family and friends are mostly responsible and what started out as a bit of a joke has blossomed into a themed collection. I am sure that the shops are scoured and purchases made with my cat collection in mind as every event in my life is celebrated with a further addition.

This is the latest, just arrived from Japan, courtesy of my son and daughter in law, it sits on the bench between my kitchen and dining area and fits in very well with all the white toned items on the bench.

It would be impossible to show you all the 'cataphenalia' that I have amassed over the years - there are ornaments and knick knacks, plates, mugs, books, jewellery, garden sculptures, rugs, cushions bags and wallets, fabric, buttons, embroideries, bags and  a small suitcase that is filled with the cat themed cards.

However, every now and then I will photograph and share the collection so that by the end I will have created my very own  Collectors segment.

The starting point is the living room, a large open plan living space with lots of spaces to display the collection.

The cheshire cat purchased from an art gallery in New Zealand - a purrfect souvenir of our trip, shares an old oak bench with

these two carved and distressed cats from India

The musical metal cat sits on the kitchen bench along with

this pair, the jug usually has fresh long red chillies in it and the other has dried chillies.

These are tucked into a corner of the sideboard, linked by the blue colours and for two of them, patchwork.

The yellow ceramic cat looks good with the orange ceramic vessels and pots.

The Laurel Burch  rug lines a chair,

that this cat has taken to sleeping in at night despite having their own very comfortable cat beds, such is the nature of cats!

A small embroidered cat sits on the coffee table, picked up and handled by all the young visitors and very child friendly.

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