Thursday, 30 July 2015

From A Tangle of Wool

I have lots of skeins of tapestry wool, some never used, some partially used and all given to me by people who given up on their tapestries. I store them in a really large bag and no matter how careful I try to be when I rummage through looking for just the right colours they can get into a tangle.

From time to time I dip into the bag and use them -mostly for embroidery or crochet squares. This is the latest project.

I have been working on this jacket for some time. It is a very simple kimono style jacket with three quarter length sleeves. Knitted in garter stitch and with very little decreasing, it was the  perfect project to take to my knitting group - no concentration required.

I am quite pleased with the finished result, the charcoal grey bands frame the rows of multicoloured yarn and as I had purchased a few balls of the grey I was able to work a row or two of the grey into the coloured stripes.

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