Thursday, 9 July 2015

Crochet Pots

I often crochet pots and baskets, sometimes as a gift for someone but mostly to use up random odds and ends of fibres. Relatively quick to make they are a break from larger projects.

I have a reputation for taking what others discard and these were made from a selection of wools that were given to me by Faye, from knitting. I suspect that the wool may be rug/carpet or some form of upholstery wool, it was quite coarse and scratchy and not suitable for scarves or items that would be in close contact with skin. There were a selection of brights and a little black and white. I had used up some of the wool when I had a request for wool that would suitable for children to weave so have since passed it on to a school. I like that materials are shared around and not wasted.

I make them in all different sizes and shapes, they are useful for a small craft project and make good containers in the bathroom and kitchen.

Sometimes I put a saucer in the bottom and use them to hide an ugly plastic pot. I can change the colours to suit the decor at the time. Unlike ceramic containers they are easily stored as they are light, do not break and can be easily squashed into a cupboard when not required.

For some time now I have also been making the pots as a type of impermanent or biodegradable garden pot. The idea is that the pots will be tucked into the garden and will slowly breakdown as the plants grow up and around them. Until now they have been made of string and old rope or strips of fabric and muted in colour. These bright ones are new to me and certainly add a splash of colour in the garden.

They are crocheted very tightly, the dirt is contained but water drains freely from them.

This one had the dirt spilled over it as it was being planted. In a day or two it will dry and the dirt on the outside can be brushed off.


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  1. I love them Kerrie especially with the plants in them.