Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Last Day for the Me Made May 2015 Challenge

The Challenge is over. For thirty one days I proudly wore items that I had made and documented them on instagram and facebook - pretty amazing considering how much I hate my photo being taken. The challenge was masterminded by Zoe and a challenge it was, hunting out things from the back of cupboards and committing to wearing something that I had made everyday. Luckily, I am a bit of a scarf queen and in case you have forgotten or didn't look back, Day 1, Necklace made with a selection of green beads - all from my stash. 

Day 2 Skirt. Day 3, Knitted and felted scarf with bobble effect. Day 4, skirt. Day 5 Knitted frilly edge scarf.

Day 6, Scarf made with scrap fabris, knitting wools and machine embroidery. Day 7, Knitted scarf. Day 8, Fabric remnant turned into a scarf. day Day 9, Ecodyed woollen scarf.

Day 10, Patchwork silk and velvet scarf.

Day 11, knitted cardigan.

Day 12, Red knit fabric looped into a scarf. Day 13, Knitted scarf. Day 14, Patchwork scarf. Day15, Reversible polar fleece scarf.

Day 16, Crochet scarf - my favourite scarf, worn apprpriately for my role as the MC for the Geelong Patchwork and Quilter's Guild  Annual Quilt In. 

Day 17, Pinafore made from repurposed old suits. Day 18 Ecodyed woollen scarf, Days 19 and 20, Charm style bracelets.

Day 21, Brooch made from an old optical lense and Japanese paper. Day 22, Felt scarf, eco dyed and stitched with silk chiffon and thread. Day 23, Free form crochet shawl.

Day 24, Pendant made with found objects and  set in brass bezel with Ice Resin. Day 25, Pendant made with an old optical lense and Japanese paper. Day 26, Denim workbag made from an old skirt and 
two  old belts. Day 27, Silver pendant, silver disk drilled and mounted onto a black perspex disk.
Day 28, Ecodyed felt wrap. Day 29, Ecodyed silk velvet scarf. Day 30, vest made from a too small zip up boiled wool jacket, sleeves used to make it bigger and new buttons from my stash. Day 31, Skirt made with vintage flocked taffeta.

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  1. well done Kez! Everything beautifully crafted! Mairs!