Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Orange for March

Orange was the theme for the March swap. The best things about participating in these swaps is looking at how each person interprets the theme and then how that translates into an individual style. My cards tend to be collage and machine embroidery, others have a definite preference for hand embroidery. 

This is one of the series of four titled Sunset that I made. The orange rays of the sun are glued and free machine stitched onto a heavy flocked paper.

These are the swaps that I received.

This one is called Orange. Hand dyed and stamped fabric, applique and hand embroidery.

Orange Crazy, this one made with a selection of cotton fabrics, hand embroidery and small seed beads.

Orange, cording and felt layered and stitched onto gold lame fabric with machine embroidery.

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