Sunday, 24 May 2015

How to make Delicious Cakes

I have a collection of old cookbooks, pamphlets and books about good housekeeping. I like to look at them from time to time and am always surprised at how different they are to the modern cookbook.

This one is really more a pamphlet with soft covers, 

produced by a Bushells to promote their coffee and cocoa. 

Recipes are basic and there are very few photographs. 

Sometimes I am tempted to cook from them. I confess that I did not follow the recipe exactly - the flour was stirred  in at the end and the remaining ingredients beaten with an electric hand eater for two minutes.

The cakes were quite well risen

and easily turned out to cool.

The cut layer seemed a little dry

Each cake would need to split and filled with cream, four layers instead of two and iced with chocolate icing.

And a wedge for my efforts. 

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  1. wonderful… wouldn't we have fun going through our respective stashes; I still have a few vintage cookbooks despite moving and purging a few times