Friday, 22 May 2015


What girl doesn't like a bit of bling? I am not a rings type of girl but have always been the sort to add a bit of sparkle to an outfit with a necklace, brooch or bracelet or indeed all of them. Participating in the Me Made May Challenge has had me hunting out a few of my homemade pieces of jewellery.

This bracelet is from my' bead hoarding' days. I have made and given away lots of these -it is much like a charm bracelet.

This one is made with 'junk'. A drill can turn just about any small item into a charm. One of my favourite things to use are old cuff links, tie pins and medals. It is fairly easy to drill a hole and create a wire loop that will allow you to attach them to the bracelet. This one was started in a class with the incredibly talented Jen Crossley. Her classes are great fun and a great place to start with some interesting jewellery making.

 I have always had a love of charm bracelets and the idea of collecting and adding to the bracelet really appealed. This is my 'proper' charm bracelet. It is an antique silver bracelet that purchased in 1982. There have been many years of fun collecting all the charms. It is full now and incredibly heavy, luckily I have a solid arm and strong wrists!

These are still charm type bracelets and once again it has been fun to collect all the different beads. These are smooth, unlike traditional charm bracelets which tend to catch in your clothes, particularly knits and are a better choice for Winter.

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